Sunday, December 21, 2008

More on Zimbabwe

A couple of new gems from/about my favorite basket case - Zimbabwe. This article (HT: Robert Davies), points out one way Mugabe's regime is financing itself for now - blood diamonds. I was not aware of that resource for Zimbabwe, as it it is mostly associated with Siera Leone. Yet, it seems that those folks cannot make money even from diamonds, as it does not appear to occur to them to leave some profit for the "diamond" goose they banished - the British company African Consolidate Resources.

Here's what happens when you let a revolutionary loose -
people find alternative uses for currency. One would hope, for the sake of the Zimbabwean people, that those bank notes are soft. And probably these guys should run the Zimbabwean central bank - they at least know about crappy ass-wipes and what is takes to flush them.

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